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Condensation has become a major issue across the UK. Waterproof Systems have a range of whole house and room ventilators to treat problems of condensation in homes. Energy efficient, quiet and highly effective, products such as Wykamol HomeVent and the Kair KHRV 150 really solve the issue of condensation and remove the associated health problems.

Condensation...its causes and effects.

Water is deposited on the cooler surfaces in a building, particularly in winter. The first indication is usually black mould growth in the worst affected areas. This growth is characteristic of condensation because mould need pure water for their growth and development. In severe cases the amount of water may be great causing pools of water on the floor, windowsills or on clothing and furniture.

Householders often find it difficult to believe that such severe damp problems can be caused by condensation alone. Often they believe there must be some sort of building defect which is usually not the case.

Often the condensation can occur at low levels where the surface of the wall is coolest, starting in a corner and then spreading along the length of the wall. This may appear to be rising damp and can easily be confused. Our surveyors can expertly identify the type and source of your damp problem to ensure the right remedial treatment is specified.
Why has condensation become such a common cause of damp?

If the water vapour in the air of a home can escape somewhere, condensation would never occur. When homes were more draughty and open fires common, damp air would mainly escape up the chimney. Houses are now significantly better insulated hence the moisture has nowhere to go and hence condensation problems have grown significantly.
Mould growth and health

Mould growth is a typical consequence of condensation problems in a home. Moulds are often most severe in room corners and on external walls. This is mainly because insufficient ventilation creates pockets of stagnant air in such corners.The spores from this mould have been linked with heath problems such as asthma and other respiratory diseases - Information on health risks

Condensation control solutions - the two stage approach.

Our condensation control systems treat both the route cause and the effects. First - the ventilation products such as the Wykamol HomeVent and The Kair KHRV 150 eliminate the conditions that allow the mould to grow. Second - our fungicidal surface treatments kill the eatablished mould. The fungicidal surface treatment are vertually odourless and are safe for children and pets after one hour. we also supply anti mould paint additive for redecoration after treatment if required

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